Legs can tweet too!

So, apparently, Angelina Jolie’s leg now has its very own Twitter account. After last night’s continuous leg flashing (apparently it was one of the hot topics of the Oscars? I wouldn’t know since I didn’t watch it.), someone decided to continue the red carpet craze by having her leg join the tweeting network. Angelina looked stunning last night. I barely watched the award ceremony, but the one part I did catch was her leg-tastic presentation:

She strutted across that stage, her bony, little leg staring the audience in the face. Then, once she stopped to present, Angelina made sure that thing stuck out for all the world to see, smiling and laughing as the crowd cheered in honor of “the leg.”

We know you’re hot, Angelina, but must you rub it in our faces? I used to admire you, but now the more I read and the more I see, the more and more I dislike you. So keep it up, Angie. Soon you’ll be right there alongside those other big-headed bimbos of Hollywood.

Yeah, yeah. Sue me.


One comment

  1. christicowan · March 1, 2012

    I don’t understand why people like her so much! I’ve always found her to be strange. I mean, remember her blood phase? That’s just not normal. Hollywood is obsessed with her, and I just don’t get it. Besides, any self-respecting woman wouldn’t be caught dead with Brad Pitt wearing his hair the way he does these days. JenAnn got the lucky end of the deal.

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