A fresh start

So…what do ya think about the new look? Thanks to my dear friend, Katie Wood, I decided to revamp the blog into a post-grad school blog where I can keep track of my day-to-day adventures and thoughts while I struggle to find a job. Sooner or later, I’ll have a job. My first “big girl” job, to be exact, and I’ll be able to look back on all of the excitement and stress that comes with becoming an adult.

But as I wait for that job to come along, I’ll be waiting tables at The Crimson Tavern, a restaurant and bar located on The Strip in Tuscaloosa, Ala. I just started there today. We weren’t open, but we did have a clean-up day. Since they offered us pay as well as food and drinks, I took my broke little butt on over there and worked until my fingers reeked of Murphy’s Oil. Tomorrow is my first official day. I’m pretty eager to see how things go, considering I’ve been hostessing at some high class restaurant where everyone treats you like a 5-year old at his first day or school. I’m quitting tomorrow.

But let’s forget these menial service jobs for a bit and focus on the fact that I have a real, live interview with The Huntsville Times on Thursday. Yes. That is correct. I will be interviewing for a Photographer/Videographer position in part with Alabama Media Group, a digitally focused division of al.com. Let’s just say I’m extremely pumped.

Well, considering it’s 12:53 a.m., I should probably get my sleepy hiney to bed, after I read a few chapters of my latest Barnes & Noble-sale-rack-find. An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin. (Yes. Actor/Musician/Playwright, Steve Martin). It was only $5.98 and totally worth it.

Oh, by the way. I have this book disorder. It’s become quite a problem, actually, considering I’m broke 89.5 percent of the time. Whenever I enter a Barnes & Noble, I find myself in the clearance section scanning the stacks of marked down reads. I always manage to find something interesting. But, since I am a lowly waitress with approximately $212.59 in my banking account (that’s just an estimate), I am no longer allowed to enter book stores or else I will lose everything I have.

Until tomorrow.



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