Where the veggies at?

One thing I enjoy about serving is the people. Whether they’re good, bad, awkward, loud, needy, there’s always something that comes from a normal day at work. Today, I dealt with a young man who was agitated with the fact that his big ole beef burger didn’t come with the extra veggies he had asked for.

Now, I am not too proud to accept any faults I may have made. This incident, however, was just a misunderstanding on his part. When entering his order into the computer, I made sure to ask for extra veggies. Extra lettuce. Extra tomato. Extra pickles. Extra onions. Extra avocado. When he got his burger, he had 3 tomatoes compared to the usual 2, 4 leafs of lettuce, a stack of pickles and onions, and an entire avocado. When he paid for his meal, he felt the need to point out the fact that he didn’t have the extra veggies he asked for, even though the order was printed on his ticket. And after the entire table of 5 just started at me, expecting me to send him home with a veggie plate for his troubles (I guess), he waved me off with an “Anyway.” The accent made it even better. I shall not tell where he was from. All I shall say is…

Good day, sir!

Before you take offense, it is important to note that my mother is foreign and also has an accent; therefore, I have a right to pick fun. Keyword: fun. 

On a side note, check out these funny student emails. A friend sent them to me. He’s an english professor and deals with this on a regular basis. We’ll stay updated throughout the semester, just so we can keep up with his students’ progress.


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