Home Sweet Home

The walls are bare. The floors are empty. My apartment is uninviting in its dissolution. I dread coming home from work to this nothingness. Something must change, soon.

But did you hear that? I said work. And no. Not for some rundown food joint where the food is mediocre and the tips non-existent. I mean real work. For The Huntsville Times, now known as Alabama Media Group. Yes. You heard correctly. I got the job. I officially moved to the Rocket City Saturday night and started work as a photographer yesterday. It’s definitely a transition, but I think I can handle the challenge.

Here’s my little butterball. And to answer your question…yes. This is what an angel looks like.

So far, my time here has been weird. For reasons I am not entitled to share. But it also has to do with the fact that I’m living alone, in a city different from any other place I’ve ever lived, working my first “big girl” job for a new company. Fortunately I have Chubbs here to keep me company in my home sweet home.

My nerves have been on edge and my emotions at the very tip of my sleeve. I blame it on anxiety. Yesterday, while I was venturing about town in search of features, a man made me cry. He cut me off as I was pulling out from a gas station, rolled down his window, yelled at me, and then proceeded to throw me the bird. I was appalled. And to make matters worse, my features were absolutely horrid.

Today didn’t get much better. I left my laptop charger at home, my work computer hates me (it refuses to let me log in which caused me to miss deadline today), found a bug in my salad at lunch, and was told that I live in a very shady part of town and should probably move as soon as possible (just don’t tell my mother).

The only good of the day was the free food and drinks at the welcoming party at Amendment 21 downtown. Thank you, AMG.

And here I am, alone, in my apartment, munching on a bag of stale Cheetos, bumming Internet from my work phone and debating on whether or not I should watch Pineapple Express for the 756th time, read a book, or just go to bed.

Tomorrow: finding a couch, setting up real Internet, and buying groceries. I’m ready to settle on in.

Hoping things get better…soon.


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