Your friendly neighborhood flasher

I flashed downtown Huntsville today. Numerous amounts of times. Or rather, just one, long, painfully humiliating time. I decided to wear my latest purchase from the thrift store: a gorgeous beige skirt with some funky hunter and pear green pattern to it and some black detailing along the waist. Such a pretty, affordable find. I have been waiting for the perfect day to test it out. I just so happened to pick the windiest day or the year.

Granted, I didn’t know just how flowy this skirt was. Skirt wearing is possible on windy days, as long as they aren’t too billowy. This one was definitely too billowy.

I parked alongside Fountain Circle downtown to go take a food shot for Spark magazine. As I opened the door to the backseat, I felt a sudden breeze hit my underside. Sure enough, I was flashing all of the lovely folks driving through downtown Huntsville. Not the mention the people walking from the courthouse, along the sidewalks, and the owner of Papou’s.

I tried my hardest to hold my skirt down, but wasn’t able to do so with the continuous gush of wind and an armful of camera gear. I tugged and pulled and shrieked in horror, but nothing would stop my bottom from hanging out for all of downtown to see. People slowly creeped by in their cars and a passerby looked at me and said, “Aw, poor thing!”

I finally managed to somehow gather my things and my skirt and shuffle on down the sidewalk toward Cotton Row.

You’re welcome, Huntsville.

And moving on. I feel as though I keep talking about this whole living alone situation, but little incidents such as bugs scuttling into my living room, strange noises coming from outside, and a trail of bad weather heading my way reminds me of why it’s sometimes nice to have a roommate or friend around. I’m terrified of bad weather. The wind is taunting me from earlier, wheezing and whining through my fireplace. I decided it was best to check the weather. It’s been going on all night. 

All I see is this huge (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit) line of red heading toward Huntsville and other areas of Alabama. Thank goodness for Chubbs. I’ll be cuddling up next to him all night.

Until next time…


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