What rhymes with detox soup? Death.

I dropped a paper towel on the floor after washing my hands at the gym, and literally could not bend over to pick it up. Somehow I managed to pull something in my lower back while sleeping last night. Is this what happens once you turn 25?

I also haven’t had real food in two days. I’m attempting a soup detox, and let me tell you, it isn’t going well…at all. I’m hungry, angry and can’t stop dreaming about food when sleeping. Yesterday, I took a short nap, and had this beautiful dream about these chocolate cake balls that were covered in an ooey, gooey hot fudge. I dreamt that I ate an entire pan of them, pulling each one of a chocolate covered tray, and dropping them into my mouth, one by one, hot fudge just oozing everywhere. Insert dirty joke here. Note, I started the detox yesterday. All it took was a few hours for my body to react. And, the soup is so gross that I refuse to eat it. So now, I’m detoxing with starvation since I couldn’t force myself to eat a bowl, not one bowl of it, today.

Chubbs and Gandalf cuddling on the couch.

Chubbs and Gandalf cuddling on the couch.

Before you say anything, yes, I know. It has been pretty much a year since I’ve blogged. See, what had happened was, I got all caught up in work and life that I completely forgot about this little thing. Then, the other day, as I was talking to someone about my photography job with the paper, I had mentioned how I used to be a writer as well. But now that I’m a photojournalist, I rarely have the opportunity to actually publish a written piece in the paper, which led to that individual asking if I still practiced writing. After thinking about it, I realized writing just isn’t something I do anymore. And I grew a little concerned. I mean, I have a B.S. in English and an M.A. in Journalism. I used to write a little everyday, whether it was a short post in my journal or something silly on here, I felt as though I was constantly exercising my skills…and then, out of nowhere, I just stopped.

So, here I am. Back at it once again.

Perhaps I should provide a little update. Just something short and simple, so you all know where I’m at in life. I still work for The Huntsville Times. I’ve been working there for a little over a year now. I moved out of my tiny, cramped apartment this past July (I was tired of everything breaking and getting harassed every time I walked out to my car). Um, I am now the proud mother of three beautiful children: Chubbs, who is now 2, Gandalf and Loki. I guess that is about it. Yes. My life is extremely exciting. I know.

Well, since I have nothing left to say, I’ll end it here. Here’s to exercising my brain this year.

Featured photo taken this past year at the Northeast Alabama State Fair while on assignment for The Times. Considered one of my photos of the year. Read more here.


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  1. Katie Wood · January 9, 2014

    You’re writing and I’m reading it :)

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