Stop taunting me, donuts. You sweet, sexy donuts.

I quit the detox last night. Immediately after my last post. I made an attempt at eating a bowl of soup, but after a few bites, I began to feel a little nauseated. And after my extreme workout, I definitely needed some nutrients and protein  in my system. So I tossed out the soup and baked up some roasted veggie tostadas, and went to town.

However, even though I’m no longer detoxing, I’m still technically “dieting.” (I like to call it “eating better.” It doesn’t sounded as threatening.) Which means, keeping myself from shoving every single bit of food I see into my salivating mouth, and believe me, that is a struggle. And then someone brought donuts into the office today. I immediately text my friend, which ensues in the most pathetic conversation we’ve ever had.

ME: Someone brought donuts into the office. I WILL MURDER WHOEVER DID THIS!

Jennie: Quick! Rub dirt on all of them. Stomp on them!!!!

ME: That won’t stop me from eating them. I need to leave. Now. Excuse for leaving early: the donuts were taunting me. I just keep peering at them from over the wall at my desk. They look so tasty.

Jennie: Are they Krispy Kreme?

ME: Yes. Krispy Kreme. Assorted dozens. Yes. DOZENS. There is one that has caramel and nuts all over it. I want it so bad. 

You might not find it pathetic, but it is, because every conversation we have is about food. And when Jennie asked if they were Krispy Kreme, I could see her sitting at work dreaming about donuts. Imagining that, she too, was indulging in their sweet, delicious goodness. By the way, Jennie is my workout buddy. And all we talk about at the gym is food and all the stick skinny chicks there with killer thighs and arms.

I think my excuse for leaving early sounds pretty legitimate.


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