Note to self: 1

Dear self,

Here are things you need to work on. I’m not fussing at you, but at some point (preferably sometime soon), please make sure you start doing at least one (preferably all) of these things:

1.) Read more books. Whatever happened to your reading addiction? You got a job, and then all of a sudden forgot how much you love to read. Fix that. 

2.) Finish your website. Yes. You know the one I’m talking about. You start it. Stop it. Start it. Stop it. Sit down and finish it one day. But first you must…

3.) Make more things to sell. Yeah. Those headbands. Jewelry. Wallets. Clothing. All of those things you’ve made for yourself that people want to buy? Make more so you can make a little extra cash on the side.

4.) Take more photos outside of work. You say you will, and then you never do. Beg your friends to let you practice your portraiture work. What’s great about shooting portraits outside of work is that they don’t involve politicians. And snobby people. 

That is all. For now. Get on it! Thanks.


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