Keep up with my latest projects. Check out these links to learn more:

      • The Arts Gang: During my time as a graduate student at the University of Alabama, I was required to tackle a community issue and then create a concept that will serve as a solution to the problem. With a strong passion for the arts and the desire to continue my journalistic career as a arts & entertainment writer for a publication, I decided to focus on the arts community within Tuscaloosa. With a base in the Communication Infrastructure Theory, The Arts Gang is designed to resolve the issue of disconnect among the different art sectors in the community by promoting rich, diverse interaction and communication among Tuscaloosa artists. This idea will hopefully build a strong, powerful connection among artists which will ultimately raise their level or prominence within the general Tuscaloosa community.
      • Phunktography: Back in 2009, I started up my own photography business. Although I barely have time to promote this project while in school, I hope to “re-open” for business by August 2012. Available for portraits, weddings, band and artist promos, baby portraits as well as a number of parties and events.

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